What R&D Looks Like In Food Manufacturers

What R&D Looks Like In Food Manufacturers


Food manufacturers are constantly looking to improve processes in any way they can. Whether it be to increase nutrient values, lengthen shelf life, simply improve packaging processes – food and beverages derived from agricultural production are always in need of an upgrade.

As consumers opt for healthier food and beverage choices, decision makers in the industry are moving toward broader, behind-the-scenes research and development (R&D) that gives manufacturers momentum in the marketplace.

In this article, we outline four trends that have been widely accepted in R&D throughout the food industry by companies looking to improve their product, versatility and competitiveness.

New Products

In a recent survey conducted on R&D in the food and beverage industry, 36% of participants stated that “really new” product development was most important to them. However, coming up with successful new ideas is rarely an easy feat.

Many rely on market research to gain feedback, while focus groups and suppliers may also be able to provide key insights as to what these new products will look like – or provide information into what your competition is doing instead.

Targeted Health Claim Marketing

Successful R&D leads to marketing opportunities for products to be advertised with health claims backed by science. With a growing number of consumers becoming hyper-vigilant about what they’re putting in their bodies, these claims remain as one of the biggest advantages a manufacturer can have over their competition.

The trouble however, is maintaining appealing textures and flavours, without any additives, is just as important to these customers.

Waste Reduction

Similarly to healthier alternatives, a major pain point of consumers that food manufacturers need to address is reducing waste.

Reducing waste is essential from both an ethical standpoint, and as a means to enhance cost efficiency. It’s a fine balancing act, but when manufacturers can still use natural ingredients and meet the consumer demand for reduced waste – it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Sustainable Ingredients

Just like waste reduction, consumers want products that support more sunstainable initiatives and have little to no negative impacts on the environment. In an industry where greenwashing is rife, unsubstantiated sustainability claims are coming under fire and being heavily investigated.

When researching and developing new ideas for products in the food and beverage industry, it’s important for manufacturers to use ingredients that can combine sustainability, waste reduction, and transparency to appeal to consumers’.

How Far Research Can Take You

Proper R&D throughout the food and beverage industry not only helps produce crops that are more resistant to poor weather conditions and pests, while producing greater yields. It also helps to develop new foods with increased health benefits and improved manufacturing processes to appeal to modern consumers.

The Global Research Institute is passionate about furthering innovation across the food and beverage industry to help improve standards of living, environmental sustainability, health and in any other way humanly possible.

If you’re planning to undertake R&D, or currently engaged in R&D, Global Research Institute will help you through every necessary step that’s required when undertaking a project. For more information, visit our website  and sign up today!


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