Advancing the Manufacturing Sector via R&D investment

Advancing the Manufacturing Sector via R&D investment


From creating food products to mechanical parts, we engage with the manufacturing industry each day. Innovating in this industry gives companies the opportunity to have a competitive-edge over others in the field.

R&D provides manufacturers the opportunities to explore how they can enhance their process, products and productivity.

In this blog post, we examine the state of R&D in manufacturing and what R&D means for the future of this vital sector.

The Current State of R&D in the Manufacturing Sector

A study conducted by McKinsey revealed that there were five broad groups within the manufacturing industry. At present, the group with the highest volume of R&D was global innovation for local markets, which includes chemical and transport industries. Additionally, the global technologies and innovators group also had high levels of R&D in the computers, electronics and medical industries.

While this data indicates a promising trend for certain groups within the manufacturing industry, companies need to adapt to emerging markets and consumer’s needs.

R&D presents a chance for manufacturers to produce products that will bring value to customers and establish a competitive edge over other businesses in their industry.

Becoming Successful in Manufacturing

When a manufacturer has advanced knowledge, processes and business models, they become more successful than their peers. They are leaders in innovation and have a significant investment in R&D.

Advanced knowledge involves utilising R&D to improve their products. A report by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) explained that the ratio of R&D spending to sales is more than three times greater than less-successful manufacturing companies. Successful manufacturers tended to collaborate with other manufacturers and research institutions to gain further insights as to how they can make their products better.

Enhancing your processes can include using technology in smart and creative ways. This can help you maximise productivity and work towards becoming successful. For example, you might implement robots to streamline repetitive tasks.

Additionally, a sound business model can elevate your manufacturing company to the next level. You can identify how you can become industry leaders by improving your products and filling gaps in the market. This can bolster your standing in the diverse manufacturing market.

How will R&D Impact Manufacturing in the Future?

If more manufacturing companies utilise R&D, the sector will embody and embrace innovation. R&D allows these businesses to improve existing manufacturing processes and to develop new ones along the way.

Using R&D enables manufacturers to explore new opportunities to support an evolving economy. It can help them understand the specifics of emerging markets, allowing them to meet emerging trends with confidence. This can put them on the path to global success and help them keep pace with rapid technological growth.

Moving Forward with R&D

When manufacturers utilise and contribute to advanced information via R&D, it streamlines processes, enhances their product and improves quality. It can establish their company as leaders of innovation and set them up for global success in the future.

Should you choose to invest in R&D for your manufacturing company, you can partner with a research institute, like the Global Research Institute, to aid with your R&D project. We can ensure you have the support you need to manage your R&D project successfully.


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